Clara Chong




Clara Chong is an award winning Director and Writer with a track record over more than 20 years and is role model for two of the most underrepresented groups in the global film industry.  As both an Asian and a Female, Clara was born in Tokyo, raised in Sydney and trained in New York, it was her unique visual flair that catapulted her into the advertising world, directing national TV Commercials for high profile clients and specialising in food, dance and lifestyle.

As a director she inspires trust and confidence whether she’s working with actors, politicians or celebrities and as a writer she creates memorable characters and a deep emotional connection with the audience.  She is both an astute practitioner of the technical craft of film making and an intuitive communicator.

Clara is a passionate advocate for diversity, equality and integrity. She holds an A-Class Honours degree in International Relations from Macquarie University for her thesis “Self Determination In Tibet”.  She has a number of films in development across a range of social issues, science fiction adventure and thriller genres. Clara is represented worldwide by Main Course Films.

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